Our loyalty to the traditions.

The over coat, a practical yet elegant clothing.

In Europe, having the winters being quite harsh, the overcoat became an essential item for the people who needed protection from the cold. Even regarding the warming of our planet, the present needs of an over coat continue to exist and that is the reason we must never forget when tailoring a coat, the consideration of ‘Why’ the coat exists.

The present style of a gentleman’s overcoat appeared in the men’s clothing scene during the 1800s. Since then, the esthetics of dandyism inherited in the art of clothing and fashion, became more about the practicality, the quality of fine fabric, and how well-tailored the garment would be. Discovering elegance through colours and pattern, rather than how luxurious and decorative a garment would be, as in the days before is what used to matter most among court nobles.

Our priority is to tailor the finest, most elegant garment. In order to maintain this spirit and quality of our products, we cherish the traditions of a genuine overcoat. We believe that the only way to realize and represent the true beauty of the traditional overcoat is to value the roots and understand tradition.

Nowadays, the lightness or softness of an overcoat seem to appeal most to customers. Even the off-the-rack overcoats of a high-class clothing store seem to have lost its virtue as a ‘true’ overcoat. The design, the softness, and being light weighted has become the priority, and the most important elements such as – protection from the cold, the three-dimensional form that sculpts the body shape of the one who shall wear the garment – have been forgotten along with the spirit to put time and effort of professional hand work when tailoring a garment.

When one continues to pursue the ‘reason’ of a garment, how ever much the trends and style may change throughout time, it enables them to tailor a garment that expresses essential beauty. That is, what we present as the ‘Classical Style’ of Pecora Ginza.

The Classical Style

It was one night in Paris, back in the time Hideaki Sato was a student in a cutting academy. At a high-class Japanese restaurant he was working part time, Hideaki Sato came across a magnificent polo coat. It was a beautiful camel polo coat, highly classic, with the most elegant appearance. He found out that this polo coat was the work of master tailor Mario Pecora of Milan. This fateful encounter conducted Hideaki Sato to move to Milan seeking to become an apprentice with Mario Pecora, a splendid Artisan, a truly great Maestro. Working hard under the instructions of Mario Pecora, Hideaki Sato received the guidance to become a Maestro himself.

During his apprenticeship with Mario Pecora in Milan, mastering the techniques of tailoring was not the only thing Hideaki Sato had learned. He experienced to understand the spirit of what makes a true Artisan, learned the means of dandyism living within a gentleman, and the importance to tailor classical clothing.

In Europe, it is general to wear a garment for a long term, cherishing and taking good care of it. Especially when it comes to an overcoat, it being a garment to protect the wearer from the cold, it is very ordinary to wear the garment for easily over 10years, giving it maintenance and repair throughout time. Therefore, the tailor must carefully construct the garment, considering future maintenance and also strengthen the parts where damages shall be expected. Having put that effort and work in the process of tailoring, the completed overcoat becomes a garment not only firm and strong, but a garment that reveals an artistic taste of splendid hand work, thus allowing the wearer to achieve the presence of a true gentleman.

Classic, is to be based on tradition, blending with in the essence and trends of the time. This creates the fresh look and style. And that, we understand to be the orthodox standard of elegance.


Single Chesterfield Coat (Italian Cashmere) ¥385,000-

Polo Coat (Joshua Ellis Camel) ¥565,000-

*All prices are tax excluded.