The joy of wearing a nice garment
has the miraculous power of brightening up your days.

Dressing up will empower you, making yourself feel confident
and happy throughout your day.

Your well dressed presence will instantly share your positivity
and without words it will cheer up the people around you.

As a bespoke tailor,
we believe that attire beholds the power to brighten up society,
and would like to share our new project.

Triple up

~The Power of Attire~

our approach to
Enhance the joy of wearing beautiful garments of quality.
Create a positive cycle of exchanging happiness through attire.
Celebrating the beautiful culture of bespoke tailoring.

Our First Triple up Project

What do we miss?

~Triple up with a
Modern Tweed Look~

A DASHING garment in Modern Tweeds is just what you need
to invite that ray of sunshine you need to brighten up your day!

We are honoured to present

our 2 Original Bespoke Modern Tweed designs
created in collaboration with


A magnificent textile based menswear brand of Britain.
Original creators of “Modern Tweed” an artistic genre of tweeds
that invites back ‘the joy of wearing colour’ to our attire today.

Original Bespoke Modern Tweed


~Wear Your Story~

Attire not only gives you a nice look but can also empower you in many ways.

With our 2 Original Bespoke Modern Tweed designs
We sought to enjoy telling a story through the colours and patterns of fabric.

Each of the 2 designs contain a story full of colour and unique personality,

and we present them to be a fun example of discovering stories within a piece of fabric.

Finding your own story in fabric

will deepen your connection with a piece of garment,
enhancing the playfulness and joy of attire.

Tailor your own story in to a beautiful garment
Wear it, and let your attire speak to ‘You’ with grace.

– 1 –

Giardino di Papaveri

This tweed has an Italian name ‘Giardino di Papaveri’ that translates as ‘Poppy Garden’ in English.

The story woven in this tweed celebrates the different paths each individual takes to bloom in to their own flower.

When you see a gathering of poppies in a vase, the beauty lies not only within the flower itself but the uniquely winding curves of the stems. The momentum of the curve in the stem leads each flower to face its own direction. Some poppies face this way, others face that way, whilst they all politely gather in a vase creating a beautiful scenery. We named it ‘Poppy Garden’ with the image of charming poppies blooming across the land of earth. We embrace through this tweed the cherished paths of each individual, weaving in our wish for it to be celebrated with joy.

– 2 –

Spot Center

This unique tweed design is a combination of spots and checks. As the name of this tweed ‘Spot Center Corner’ reveals, the position of the spot can appear either in the center or in the corner of the check depending on how you decide to see it. The story woven in this tweed is that episodes and events that occur in your life can feel or appear differently based on which point of view you decide to take. The matter or issue itself will keep staying at its place just like the spots of this design, though it will appear in the center if you choose to see it through one check, and then again appear in the corner if you choose to see it through the other check. It is of our own free choice how we frame an aspect in life. Living in this world that challenges us daily to observe so many different aspects of life, we weave in to this tweed our wish to cherish the difficulties and joys of life and to embrace the freedom of choosing our own perspective.


Modernising Traditional Tweeds

Dashing Tweeds aim to modernise traditional tweed fabric bringing it into an urban environment. Traditional designs are updated and entirely new and original weave structures are created.
Working with the highest quality yarns and most technically experienced mills in the UK, British heritage is very important to the brand. Whilst both British and fine Merino wools are combined with advanced yarns from around the world, all their cloth is woven in Britain.

Creating Through Love of Fabric,
Colour, Heritage, Technology and Innovation

Dashing Tweeds was founded by photographer Guy Hills and woven textile designer Kirsty McDougall in 2006. Sharing a love of fabric, colour, heritage, technology and innovation, Guy and Kirsty set out to challenge the menswear market with a new woven textile based brand. Opening up a contemporary arena for classic quality fabric they have created a range of innovative tweeds, accessories and clothing for the 21st century. Dashing Tweeds works with the best British textile and clothing manufacturers to create products with integrity and longevity. In addition through their cloth collections and design studio they collaborate with the most exciting brands in the fashion industry and beyond.

Introducing Creative Design Collections of
Colour and Texture

Dashing Tweeds design and weave creative fabrics introducing you to new colour combinations and textures. Some of the modern urban tweeds use technical yarns such as reflective threads together with the highest quality wools making the cloths relevant to active life today. Inspiration for the modern woven fabrics are wide ranging and previous collections have looked at subjects as diverse as visions of space travel, arctic exploration and the colourist painting movement. The designs originate from The London studio where the initial patterns are hand woven prior to production by the best mills of Great Britain. Dashing Tweeds produce two new fabric collections per year, as well as a stock supported range of 20 of our most popular designs.

New and Original Weave Structures

Dashing Tweeds is a weave based menswear company creating modern urban woven textiles. Within the East London studio Dashing Tweeds design and develop seasonal cloth collections using new woven structures on our hand loom. These are then produced by the best British mills and released twice a year.

Using High Quality British Wools of
Specific Flocks

Dashing Tweeds use British wools from specific flocks of sheep and also source yarns from around the world. In addition to seasonal collections they offer a bespoke weave design service. Bespoke designs can either be put into small or large scale production with British mills or hand woven in the London studio.

Embracing Individuality and Playfulness

As urban living becomes ever more hectic, clothes need to multifunction just as much as people. Adaptability is important and so is a sense of individuality and easy playfulness. Looking at the history of textiles used by Savile Row tailors Dashing Tweeds realised that the variety of designs, colours and textures had been dwindling over the past few decades. It was time to take the best from the past, make it modern, interesting and relevant to life today.

Responding to the Question of
What To Wear Today

All designs are part of a continuing study of the changing elements urban living requires of us. Dashing Tweeds look into the questions of travel through the city, the function of clothing, personal expression and technology. Dashing Tweeds collections are responses to the questions of what to wear for today’s multifarious demands.

The Historic Mills of Britain

~Weaving the finest textiles for centuries~

Centuries of tradition and technique continue to live within the historic mills of Britain, allowing them to produce the world’s finest textiles. Having undergone many changes over the years, few mills still run to carry out the beautiful traditions of British heritage, creating the exquisite textiles of British Made quality- a treasured heritage of this world.




(Tax Included ¥398,200〜)

STANDARD ¥286,000〜
(Tax Included ¥314,600〜)


(Tax Included ¥287,100〜)

STANDARD ¥200,000〜
(Tax Included ¥220,000〜)


(Tax Included ¥236,500〜)

STANDARD ¥167,600〜
(Tax Included ¥184,360〜)


(Tax Included ¥418,000〜)

STANDARD ¥272,000〜
(Tax Included ¥299,200〜)

Waist Coat

(Tax Included ¥84,700〜)

STANDARD ¥70,000〜
(Tax Included ¥77,000〜)


(Tax Included ¥132,000〜)

STANDARD ¥83,000〜
(Tax Included ¥91,300〜)



(Tax Included ¥398,200〜)


(Tax Included ¥287,100〜)


(Tax Included ¥418,000〜)


(Tax Included ¥418,000〜)

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Triple up

~The Power of Attire~

~Triple up your presence and brighten up your days~

Dress your self with a piece of garment,
as if creating yourself in to a piece of living art.

Standing out. Blending in.
Embracing comfort. Feeling happy.

A beautiful piece of garment can awaken the graceful joy within you.

Your well-dressed presence can cheer up the people around you.

Attire can grant to you with contentment throughout your day.

A gathering of people dressed in beautiful attire
can create a most beautiful view in your daily scenery.

Triple up and rediscover
the enlightening power of attire


Please contact us for interests in our ‘Triple up’ project and collaboration.